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How Teachers' Stress Affects Students

When a specific annual plan is put forward in an educational setup, all that we consider important are the goals or achievements that are targeted to be accomplished by students with the help of their teachers. But it is not always possible to meet the desired outcome. Ultimately, researches and studies are conducted to hit the negative factors which have been affecting students’ learning. Today we are going to throw light at one of the most important factors that make learning process not so successful and that is teachers’ stress. Possibly it’s something beyond imagination for few of us because all we blame usually is student’s insufficient efforts or poor learning when he is not able to achieve good grades but truly, teacher’s stress level also matters and its most terrible because it will affect the whole class, not a few students.
How Teachers' Stress Affects Students
First of all, let us take a short survey about what researchers have derived through various case studies and researches that how and why teacher’s stress will create a trouble for students.
According to education week, it is proved that the teachers who enter in their class with stressful mind and face their students with the disturbed mental condition may cause negative effects on their class results. Another study in this regard ended up with the clear judgment that when the session starts and a stressful teacher takes over the responsibility to provide the best of everything to his/her students, he shows less effective teaching strategies than those who are relaxed personally and satisfied with the job they are doing.
Now the question arises here that what actually is the basic reason behind that stress? To get a clear picture, we must have a look at the analysis from Texas university’s research shows that teachers basically feel stressed when they want to do their best but unfortunately they lack the resources to manage all those strategical teaching, test and other activities. Their demands are comparatively higher than the resources they have got in class. They have to skip many of their plans due to that. What actually the demands mean is the financial background of teacher and students, the teaching ads which are available in class, the need of tools for kids that need special education and so on. All of these factors need to be addressed if we want a huge success in class’s learning process.
Students in Classroom
After going through this, researchers have put forward the same question in front of three different categories of teachers. Firstly, those teachers who were left out of resources and essential ingredients to make their class successful were half likely to say that they would ever want to become teachers again, Secondly, those teachers who had more resources than their demand were so ambitious to choose teaching career in their life even if they get a second chance, in fact, they were twice than those third category teachers who were having balances resources and demands.
As we have mentioned above that stress is something that is affecting studies negatively, obviously, students and teachers need psychologists, councilors and mental therapists to deal with all of those stressed individuals but sadly we don’t have sufficient numbers of psychologists available. A rough estimate tells that we need at least one therapist for 500-700 students whereas we are having one f0r every 2k students and that is disastrous. They need counseling to manage class pressures, strength to deal with their study’s issues and lot more problems to solve. That is why sometimes the students who are not properly guided by their teachers, go to some private tutor to cover their syllabus.
Teacher in Classroom
Concluding the discussion:
Schools and funders from the government should consider these stress issues raised from teachers important and therefore they must increase their funds to improve personal and overall resource matters of teachers and students. Teachers also come to class with the disturbed mental condition when they are dealing with financial pressures at their homes so government must provide them with an improved policy that makes possible to allow funds and reward programs for teachers. Moreover, students can be guided to behave positively in their groups and class by giving them a chance to participate in games that are based on behavioral activities. If they will behave nicely in class, they will definitely help their teachers to overcome stress and anxiety that mounts when a teacher has to bear student’s noncooperative behavior in class. Another good and applicable solution is to reduce class’s size and increase planning time which will definitely improve teacher’s performance and strategies of teaching and this also demands for higher resources so gathering an overall view, it is rational to improve the resources which teachers have been demanding to let them plan better, act nicely, being promising for future and getting devotedly attached to their profession.
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